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Psychotherapy Services

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Marriage counseling and couples therapy help people improve the quality of their relationships through an intentional, mutual process of dialogue with a skilled therapist. In my West Palm Beach, FL counseling practice I use a compassionate approach to couples counseling so that all couples can feel safe to bring in their private issues. Relationships are […]

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers you the opportunity to break through old, self-destructive patterns such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and self-doubt and to embrace new, more joyful ways of being in the world. It’s not unusual for people new to counseling to feel stuck and entrenched in frustrating, repetitive cycles of behavior and emotions. It may […]

Partners of Sex Addicts

Partners of sex addicts have specific emotional and psychological needs which require focused attention in therapy. Being the partner of a sex addict is undoubtedly one of the most traumatic and painful experiences possible in an intimate relationship. Not only is trust broken with your partner, trust in your own perceptions and judgments may be […]

Infidelity, Affairs, Cheating

Infidelity is extremely stressful. After the devastating disclosure of infidelity, couples feel intense emotions and have recurrent crises. The stress from infidelity affects both partners. Feelings of abandonment, devastation, confusion, betrayal and jealousy may be experienced. The good news is that many marriages survive infidelity and go on to have stronger and more intimate relationships after […]

Women’s Support

Women have specific needs which can benefit from therapy. Therapy is a safe space in which to better hear your own voice and your own truth and to find your own strength. I will partner with you as a witness on your journey of discovery. Some of the reasons women come to therapy include: Personal […]

Adult Adoptees

Adult adoptees all have the experience of being separated from their birth families and placed with an adoptive family. Some adoptees have a visceral feeling of this separation their entire lives, but all adoptees experience it.  Adoptees often feel different.  Adoption by definition is built on different, usually problematic foundations.  Everyone in the adoption triad […]

Birth Mothers Therapy

As a birth mother who has placed a child for adoption, it is certain that you will never forget your child. Even though you may have resolved that your choice was the best decision for you and your child, it is likely that the emotions around the placement of your child will be a continuing factor […]

Depression Counseling

Depression can happen to anyone. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that globally 350 million men, women, and children suffer from depression. Depressive symptoms can range on a continuum from mild to severe. If you identify with any of the following symptoms of depression it is a good idea to reach out for help. […]


Anxiety Therapy West Palm Beach Ellen B. Flaum, LCSW – (561) 968-1505 Did you know? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect some 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older (18% of U.S. population). However, only one-third of people suffering from these disorders get the help […]

Adoption Home Studies

Adoption Home Studies: For over 20 years I have helped adoptive parents through their entire adoption process. As an adoptive parent, you are required to have a complete home study performed by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or other qualified professional. Making the decision to adopt is a difficult and long process. Many couples come […]